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What is a "Peer-to-Peer" Charity platform?

There are a LOT of NGOs, thousands of "causes" . Organizations that do amazing blessed work !

"peer-to-peer" charity is like taking the concept of one one one communication , linking directly the individuals who want to give either their time, their expertise, their money with the individuals that need their help WITHOUT ANY INTERMEDIATE ORGANIZATION IN THE MIDDLE. 

It is like designing a charitable platform that connects people that are world apart. 


It is easier said than done.

The BENEFITS are obvious:


- A direct connection without any charity or NGO in the middle allows more money to go to individuals in need instead of paying for the administration of the charity

- A direct connection rewards both the beneficiary AND the benefactor since  the direct connection allows  a direct feedback on the impact of any donation.

The CHALLENGES are also obvious:

- The biggest challenge that HMO is trying to tackle is how to "validate" the needs and enroll people in need on the peer-to-peer charity platform. In other words a scalable system is required to


1) identify the people in need; 2) verify / Validate that there is no "abuse (example someone who is not in desperate need of assistance, tagging along on the platform to receive free help) and 3) enroll the benefactors / and giving them a way to communicate directly with the beneficiaries of their help despite language barriers and also the cultural barriers 


HMO is in the process of building such a platform , things will not be perfect from the get-go  but we are hopeful that this will eventually grow into something fantastic.

The seed project around this is taking place in Miami where a recruiting effort will be launched in 2022 to recruit Spanish speaking teenagers and connect them through zoom directly with kids in desperate poverty deep in the poorest of the shanty towns.

The hope here is once that one-on-one connection is made, the needs of the local community will be communicated to our Miami Teenager volunteers and help HMO provide assistance in a more targeted way. 


The Focus of Our Efforts

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Making a Difference


Doing What’s Needed


Tackling the Issue

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