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Christmas classic: street toys and food giveaway with 30 volunteers

Every day. Mabe not here in the US but in most countries around the world. unbearable unacceptable inhumane suffering is just met casually on the street. Sure we say to ourselves: "they should get a job" "they are lazy" They should really be smart about this" or whatever... in reality, the only human reaction is what those volunteers sponsored by HMO are doing... because the moment you stop. REALLY STOP. and listen to THEIR story. it is frankly NOTHING that you imagined. Nothing even close to what the real story is. Displaced immigrants. People kicked out from their apartments. People facing domestic violence. People that simply just got laid off and are hungry. People WILLING TO WORK but unable to put a roof over their family.

IF ONLY YOU COULD STOP AND LISTEN TO THEIR STORY....... This is probably what you would do...

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